1. A car burns on a lonely street in East New York.


  2. Self.


    Light test with Adrian Phillips 


  3. The Empire State Building, and it’s neighbors—as seen from the top of the SoHo Mondrian.


  4. View from the SoHo Mondrian, penthouse level two.


  5. Awol Erizku—he shoots these with one hand.


  6. A few months ago, I read an article in The New Yorker about Kirsten Hively who runs the Project Neon! tumblr. The story basically sheds light on her efforts to document this “commercial art form in retreat.” Reading the article made me realize how few neon signs remain in the city compared to other lighting solutions (scrolling LED panels etc.) and that this project has true merit.

    The article reminded me of the above photo I shot in 2010 at my cohort Awol Erizku's Black & Gold show at The Cooper Union.

    He too is a fan of neon.


  7. Racks: now on racks and racks!


  8. awolerizku:

    Adrian laughing at moments from 2011

    Happy New Year — again


  9. Awol Erizku. Photographer turned zoologist.


  10. A flower, for you.


  11. Reginal Thomas. Comedian, Haitian, writer, friend.


  12. The Empire State Building the other night. Foggy.


  13. "Coruscus" sneak peek. Opening reception Thursday, Nov. 17 6-9pm. Rivington Design House. (129 Rivington Street)


  14. A dumpster filled with children’s bodies mannequins. 


  15. Jayne. Dolla dolla bill y’all.